Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shop changes and Just splendid!

Images from inside The Australian Women's Diary tenth anniversary edition I had in my stall. I've kept it aside though for the Swiss lady who contacted Glen Waverley Antique Bazaar and left a message about purchasing it, if you're reading this now, this is your chance to claim it, otherwise I'll put it in my new Etsy vintage store and you can (or anyone else who's interested) can snag it there. I'm closing down my Deco Dollies booth at Glen Waverley and converting it into an Etsy online store, which suits my busy uni life at the moment better! More on that soon. If you'd like to see my shop in the flesh as it is now, you have until the 16th of September.

The Australian women's Diary

The Australian Women's Diary 1994 tenth anniversary edition. A women in Switzerland called up the Glen Waverley Antique Bazaar to buy it from me, but you forgot to leave your email! :) I can't afford to call you back via phone (international call) so please contact me on

Also I'm gonna post some of the great pics from inside this lovely gem of a book on here soon!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I saw these gorgeous pieces on an auction site, and as you can probably imagine they are going for a pretty penny! Well out of my current budget, some being in the thousands. But aren't they lovely to look at and imagine myself swanning around drinking tea in a garden with finger waves and a raspberry cupid's bow!

Sewing Basket

Cute vintage sewing box I bought from Glen Waverley Antique Bazaar for $4 today when I went to tidy my stall. Good for little projects I have on the go in my lounge room. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Moss agate

Beautiful antique art deco era moss agate and sterling silver ring I bought a little while ago, this photo is from the web shop, I'll post pics of it worn when it arrives.