Friday, March 2, 2012

My Collection

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This is Part One of my 30's, 20's and 40's clothing collection, when I figure out the best way to do it I'll do some outfit posts as well.

1. 1930's - 40s girl scout type green culotte or gaucho skirt shorts. On their way to me now.
2. 1930s Quilted powder pink peach bed jacket.
3. Vintage 1930s art deco plastic celluloid leaf and bell flower necklace. Sadly part of the chain got destroyed from heat exposure on it's way to me from America to Australia, I learn the hard way vintage celluloid is fragile when heated so it is maybe not the best idea to buy from overseas as I think they heat things in customs to kill bugs etc. Need to research this, if anyone has any insight on this let me know! I'll have to buy a similar chain to replace it.
4. 1930's Vintage White Enameled metal Hand Wired Necklace with Flowers, Seed & Pearl
5. 1940's Vintage Peach and pastel rainbow eyelet lace peplum dress
6. 1930's Vintage powder pink satin bed blouse
7. 1920's Vintage powder blue and off white lace boudoir head bandeau
8. 1940's Vintage Apricot dress with lattice netting peplum
9. 1940's Chevron lime and pastel pink tie bust dress.
10. Reproduction of vintage dancing shoes by Goldenponies off Etsy, only mine have been made with vegan silver glitter material, they're on their way to me now.
11. 1930's Vintage flocked koala brooch, sadly his nose fell out so I'll need to make him a new one.
12. 1930's Vintage powder blue satin tap pants undergarment with white lace details
13. 1930's Vintage pastel aqua blue velvet quilted boudoir jacket with scalloped edges. I'm wearing this now, it's sooo comfy.

If anyone else have posts about their collection I'd love to see! Please link me :)

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