Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ebay heartbreak and New furniture stock

I lost the bidding war on this super cute 1930's-1940's kitchen cabinet last night and it broke my heart. I was planning to put it in my now bare dining room. I've been collecting vintage furniture since my early teens, my eye usually gets instantly drawn to anything with pretty candy colours and this one was like a holy grail item for me. Sadly I would have easy outbid the winner but I was in the car with my partner driving his parents to the airport when the auction ended and my phone ran out of batteries. If the person who won it is reading this... I'll pay you double what you paid! I'm serious! Pretty please! :( It's highly unlikely that you are but just in case...
My email is

It's like me in cupboard form, like if I died and came back as a cupboard it would be something very like that.

*sigh* The cupboard that got away *wipes pretend tear*

Have you got an internet auction site heartbreak story? Please do comment, I'd love to hear it, so we can sulk together.

On more happy news, I got 4 new to me pieces of vintage furniture for my stall H29 at Glen Waverley Antique Bazaar. A lavender coloured 1930's meat safe/ice box with a jadeite green bakelite handle from the days of food storage before fridges, some bright grass green wood 70's drawers, a wooden pastel neon pink and white 50's doll house with cute decals and a hardwood dressing table/cabinet that I'm painting 'Island Lake' pastel aqua blue. They all need a bit of a spruce so I'll busy doing some restoration tomorrow before I pop back into the Bazaar on Saturday to bring lots more stock items and set up some lovely new displays with the furniture. Be sure to go check it out after then coz they'll be plenty of vintagey goodness, oh and I'll take some photos this time.

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