Monday, February 27, 2012

Art Deco India & Sri Lanka

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was pleasantly surprised to find on my trip in january to Sri Lanka and India, lots of beautiful old Art Deco Buildings. Sadly a lot of them are in need of restoring to stop them from completely falling apart. Don't get me wrong, I am drawn to the aged look and don't mind a little decay, it often adds charm but some of these need a spruce.

Sprucing aside I often wondered around with my jaw flapping looking up at the gorgeous architecture with glee, often tripping over pot holes and getting curious looks from locals who sometimes looked up too to see what the fuss us about haha.

Unfortunately I didn't get photos of my absolute favs, the huge pair of olden glam apartments titled Moonlight and Sunshine on their doorways in super pretty metal Deco font as we rushed past in a taxi on the way to an art gallery in Mumbai. As well as many others when we were on wheels but these are the ones I managed to capture.

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