Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making Waves

In my experimentation with 30's hairdos I've done a lot of different pincurling techniques and finger waves. I strive to wear these styles everyday. For finger waves involving the common damp hair, gel, comb and clip in waves till dry method. It has yielded some dreamy results but one problem is that you've gotta be prepared to clip it 24 or sometimes up to 48hours in advance for your hair to be fully dry enough to take the clips out. Which is fine if you always know exactly what days you're going out and always have the energy and memory to do it every night. But of course some mornings I find out I'm going out and haven't prepared for it.

Sooooo when pondering this puzzle my mind wound back to images I saw of Heated wave tong How to articles in 30's magazines and advertisements. Though this means you need the time to do it in the morning but some days it will be really helpful when I haven't been able to clip or pin it the night before. So I thought there must be a modern equivalent to achieve the same look and after a bit of research I chose the Vidal Sassoon Hair Waver. It's available in Kmart in Australia for $49, it had good reviews online and has a 2 year warranty. I also saw hairdresser quality ones for $80-$100 in Hairhouse Warehouse but felt I'd start with a cheaper one first as I've never even used one before. The VS one also has different attachments you can pop on like a curling iron so I can wave the top and curl the bottom like a lot of 30's styles. I've only used it once so far and it was pretty nifty but I'll keep experimenting to see what looks I can achieve and get back to you :)

You can find this book on fingerwaving on Amazon, it's been on my wishlist a while! Need to get a copy soon.

**EDIT** I love my electric waver and now use it every single morning!! It may not be as good as pincurling or traditional fingerwaving in terms of achieving the PERFECT 30's do but it's a pretty good tool to get  a very similar look in a much faster timespan, making it more practical for a busy modern day women like myself who has to stay up late doing homework and get up super early and out the door to speed off to uni. Recommended for you hectic deco dollies out there!

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