Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eternally Yours 1939

I watched this recently and quite enjoyed it! The romantic drama follows the life of Arturo the dare devil magician and arrogant womaniser and Anita the glamourous stage assistant and doormat wife and their turbulent relationship. Thankfully Anita sees the error of her ways early on and decides to run away but will Arturo let her get away? hmmm haha.
To watch this or many other vintage films check this site out...
If anyone knows any good similar sites please let me know!

Anita wears some pretty cute outfits, a couple of my favs being this little silky 2 piece lounge suit and the elven skull cap and cape one she wears in the snow to go ice-ski-sail-boating (!!?! how awesome I wanna do that one day!)

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